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Exercise – Multiple points

In this exercise I have built up a small still life using stones as points of interest, starting with one stone then adding more and more stones trying to create patterns whilst trying not to look too obvious.  Patterns can easily be imagined from a small number of points; but as more and more objects are added it becomes more challenging to create a non obvious grouping.

Single stone-resizedSingle stone-resized-a
In this first arrangement I have set my first point parallel to a faint line in the stone base and to draw the eye across the image along the faint line.

Two stones-resizedTwo stones-resized-a

In my second image I have set the second stone parallel to the faint line but on the opposite side.

Three points-resizedThree points-resized-a
With three points patterns start to take shape.

Four points-resizedFour points-resized-a
Making shapes-resizedMaking shapes-resized-aFinal image-resizedFinal image-resized-a
In my final image the pattern got very complicated and open to many interpretations.  I added a piece if venetian glass to add some additional interest.

Exercise – Positioning a point

In this exercise I have put in to practice my lesson on positioning a point of interest in the frame.

In this case I wanted something small surrounded by an unfussy even background.  By using the three typical classes of position, I took three photos of the subject, one in the middle, one off centre and one close to the edge of the frame.


This image works as a snap shot style of photography; but I don’t find that it is particularly interesting from a compositional point of view as the eye would naturally go to the centre of the picture anyway.

Off centre-resized

This composition works much better as the subject appears to be looking into the empty space in the bottom right and therefore gives the empty area a sort of purpose.

Close to the edge-resized

This is my favourite, I chose to take this photo from a different angle as I think that viewing the subject from the same direction that she is facing gives both a sense of sharing her view and creating a feeling of voyeurism, anyway it works.