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Exercise: Judging colour temperature 2

In this exercise I took three photographs of my wife in the same settings at the same times of the day; but this time varying the white balance settings in each scene from daylight to shade to automatic to compare the differences in the images. The purpose of this exercise is to learn and put in to practice how controlling white balance on your camera can improve or alter the mood and character of an image for artistic creativity.

Mid-day in sunlight.
Mid-day_on_daylight-2 (1 of 1) Mid-day_on_shade (1 of 1) Mid-day_on_automatic (1 of 1)
White balance: daylight – shade – automatic

The second image looks the best as it adds warmth to Sarah’s complexion. However the last image comes closest to how I recall the scene the worst image in my opinion is the first the first which is rather cold for a portrait.

These next three images were all taken in a shaded place at around mid-day, one set to daylight as before, one to shade and the last to automatic.
Shade_on_daylight (1 of 1) Shade_on_shade (1 of 1) Shade_on_automatic (1 of 1)
White balance: daylight – shade – automatic

In these three images the daylight and automatic settings are very similar and I think that the automatic setting has produced the best image. The worst is the shade image (ironically) as it has created a colour cast on the wall in the background.

These last three images was taken at sunset and as before the first was set to sunlight, the next to shade and the last to automatic.
Sunset_on_daylight (1 of 1) Sunset_on_shade (1 of 1) Sunset_on_automatic (1 of 1)
White balance: daylight – shade – automatic

In this final selection the worst image in my opinion is that set to automatic as it is very cold and dull and the best image appears to me to be the image set to shade that is the warmest and gives the full impression of an evening’s sunset.

Exercise: Judging colour temperature 1

In this exercise I have taken three photos of my wife at different times of the day with may camera’s white balance set to Daylight.

The brief for this exercise was to take three photos on a sunny day, which unfortunately has always been on days when I have not had an opportunity to use my camera, this day however offered some moments of sunshine on an otherwise mostly overcast day.
The first and second images were taken around midday during a few moments of clear sky.

Mid-day, in the sun and in the shade: white balance set to Daylight.
Mid-day_on_daylight (1 of 1) Shade_on_daylight (1 of 1)
The first image taken in the sun has a cold feel about it; but is not how it appeared to my eyes at the time of taking the picture. The daylight setting is a much higher temperature on the kelvin scale and clearly produces a blue hue to the image in this picture.
The second image, taken in the shade is also colder in appearance than the impression that I had for the scene at the time; but the shade does not emphasise the blue hue so much.

Sunset: white balance set to daylight.
Sunset_on_daylight (1 of 1)
In this last image taken at sunset the image is more or less similar to how I saw it and the evening was becoming cold.