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Exercise – Positioning a point

In this exercise I have put in to practice my lesson on positioning a point of interest in the frame.

In this case I wanted something small surrounded by an unfussy even background.  By using the three typical classes of position, I took three photos of the subject, one in the middle, one off centre and one close to the edge of the frame.


This image works as a snap shot style of photography; but I don’t find that it is particularly interesting from a compositional point of view as the eye would naturally go to the centre of the picture anyway.

Off centre-resized

This composition works much better as the subject appears to be looking into the empty space in the bottom right and therefore gives the empty area a sort of purpose.

Close to the edge-resized

This is my favourite, I chose to take this photo from a different angle as I think that viewing the subject from the same direction that she is facing gives both a sense of sharing her view and creating a feeling of voyeurism, anyway it works.

Object in different positions in the frame

The river Thames by my local town of Chertsey is in flood and so I chose to use a park bench that normally would provide visitors and hikers a pleasant place to sit and rest as the subject of this exercise.
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