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Exercise – Balance

In this exercise, I am looking at the theory of balance in composition and I have taken six images from my photo library that I think have some elements of balance which I have indicated on the photos and also added a drawing of scales to suggest which form of balance ratio they represent.






Balance-5a Falcrum-1

The above images all have a large subject close to the centre and a smaller object opposite nearer the edge; so similar to the balancing of two objects of different weights on a fulcrum, as illustrated.


Falcrum-3The above images suggest the balancing of three focal points one in the middle and two at equal distances on either side, as illustrated by the diagram.

This last image roughly illustrates a balance of two equally sized and space subjects either side of the fulcrum.

Exercise – Positioning the Horizon

Horizon 4

In this exercise I have explored using the horizon as a key factor in composition; and below I have produced some photographs to illustrate how the position of the horizon can effect both positively and negatively an image, particularly landscapes.

I have used two types of images to try to illustrate that depending on the subject the horizon you can also create mood in your composition.

Bridge 1River B&W 1a

Bridge 2River B&W 2
Bridge 3River B&W 3Bridge 4River B&W 4Bridge 5River B&W 5Bridge 6River B&W 6Bridge 7
River B&W 7