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The Digital Print


The Digital Print by Jeff Schewe, published by Peach Press, ISBN 13 – 978-0-321-90845-2.

This book complements Schewe’s first book, ‘The Digital Negative’.  Hi first book examines the steps to process your RAW image into a photo fit for printing using either Adobe RAW, Lightroom or Photoshop, stopping short of the actual printing process that is covered in detail in his second book.

Background and printer set-up.

In The Digital Negative, Schewe first briefs about the history of digital printing and the development of the printers and the choices now currently available.  He moves on to look at how to set up your printer so that it works to it’s optimal performance with Lightroom and Photoshop using either Mac of Windows.

Schewe moves onto discussing colour management, covering both theory and practice, again recommending settings for Lightroom and Photoshop.

He then moves on to preparing your image for printing including altering colour to greyscale and half-toning and soft-proofing.

Chapter 4 is dedicated to making the print.

Chapter 5 looks at choices of papers how they are made and why they are different and how the ink works and how it interacts with the various types of paper.

Chapter 6 discusses workflow for both Lightroom and Photoshop.

This is a good book and in my opinion a must read book.  This will give you enough understanding about the mysteries of good reliable printing for either total control at home or exporting to a third-party to print.  If you have ambitions for top quality professional exhibition standard printing then this is a book to read for you to.


I passed my formal assessment!

512659 S Mullins PH1AOP Marksheet512659 S Mullins PH1AOP Letter

I passed my formal assessment; but I was a little disappointed at some of the comments regarding the standard of my presentation, as I felt that I did not get sufficient guidance as to what was expected of me.  However, I have recently found a student Forum on Facebook that assures me that this is typical for the first course and that passing was good in itself.  I will however, take on board the colleges criticisms as  for learning and en-devour to improve in my next course.