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Exercise – Evidence of action


That was a nice cup of tea!

A simple example of a single image depicting a suggestion of action from a recent event.

Illustration is best used for dealing with subjects that are not easy to photograph for example subject matter that is not a solid object or a obvious event.

Five concepts regularly depicted in advertising and publicity that can not be shown directly is: Banking, life-style, holidays, medicines, utility services such as gas or internet.  In order to put across a positive message for these types of subjects we are shown pictures of helping hands, shaking of hands, umbrellas, happy people dancing and care-free, young beautiful families hand in hand on a deserted white sandy beach, an empty swimming pool with one single bikini clad swimmer, a blue flame images symbolizing warmth and cold, images symbolizing modern communication and images suggesting speed.

Object in different positions in the frame

The river Thames by my local town of Chertsey is in flood and so I chose to use a park bench that normally would provide visitors and hikers a pleasant place to sit and rest as the subject of this exercise.
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